About Our Family Run Business 

I started Christmas Decoration Shop website in London around 2001 and having been fully trained in the gifts industry for many years, I have always had a passion for beautiful things and I love offering new and exciting seasonal gifts for everyone to enjoy.

The key is working as a team with other team members to make sure customers are 100% happy with there order's they place with us, we work aside with our buyers to make sure the items we have on our online shop today are 100% and all items are fully checked over and over again before We sent out to customers, that’s why customers come back to us time and time again, and its nice to have a international base of Customers from all parts of the Globe. x

Important Celebrations

I have always loved the joyousness that comes with events like Christmas and other important celebrations in our calendars, such as Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and so on. For me though, the Big Magic was always Christmas.

At a young age, I began to collect vintage and contemporary festive décor.  These whimsical, finely crafted figures, garlands, lights, trees, wreaths and fragile glass spheres were my tickets to another time and place of happiness.  

Remember your first glimpse of the major stores’ Christmas window displays? Your first trip to meet Santa to tell him what you wanted for Christmas (a bike or a puppy – no, five puppies)?  Your first glimpse of the tree with its baubles and lights and the presents under it on Christmas morning? 

The magic of those moments fades over the years but if you’re like me, you may have always wanted to re-visit that special anticipation and excitement with your nearest and dearest.


The Best And Brightest Quality Designs

As the collection grew over the years, so did my dream of a kind of story-book castle filled with nostalgic, romantic and exquisite items that would set the stage for the kinds of celebrations that I loved so much.

As my collection grew, I began to notice which brands and companies made the best and brightest quality designs. Without realising it, my ‘eye’ was developing and my ability to assemble themed celebrations was increasing.

When I started working in the retail sphere, it had to be in the area of festive décor.  Over the years of intuitively grouping and selling collections and curated themes, I realised that this was my gift.  Not to just know about and sell quality items, but to help my customers build an entire Christmas story of their own.

More Than A Store

From there, I decided to follow my growing dream of a place where my customers could find their true meaning of Christmas on the internet today!

Everyone has a picture in their minds and I could help them bring it to life, first by seeing it through their eyes and then by helping them build a vision that reflected their memories and ideas.

Of course, this magical, unique palace of dreams had to have a name: Christmas Decorations Shop.  More than a store, more than a service, more than a collection of quality design, but a collective of products, knowledge and people skilled in bringing our customers Christmases and other celebrations to life from the first item through to complete set-ups in their homes.


Christmas Decorations Shop is very proud to be one of major supplier for Goodwill Europe with their beautiful unusual handmade display dolls for all the holiday seasons and not forgetting their Christmas tree ornaments and table displays. We have also one of the main European suppliers fror Katherine's Collections and Mark Roberts. 

Christmas Decorations Shop are dedicated for all things with Christmas so why not have a look and lets us take you on a Magic Tour of Enchanting Christmas Ornaments, to Stunning Christmas Decorations for all Budgets. Christmas Decorations Shop are a London United Kingdom Family Based company!

Thanks For Reading our about us page.

Season Greeting Every Day!