Did you know we are a family run business With Passion For Christmas

It's June already and where is the time going, the months seem to be flying by and it will not be long until our orders start to arriving from our manufacture of suppliers that we as a family run business have chosen for this season ahead of us.

As a family we love to sit together around the table and talk about the trends of Christmas and what's going to be the trends and to make sure our online Christmas website at Christmas Decorations Shop is all up to date, its time consuming but its rewarding and  its a  great way for us to spend time together and share our day and thoughts. 

As we sit around the table on a very miserable wet Monday, we talk about the collections we have already managed to carry from last season including the cute Mushroom Merry Men they where such a big hit last year and we where delighted to see them return back again this season, also one of our favourite themes too. 

Our Main topics where Christmas themes in certain areas as we have had many customers asking out for instant the Santa dolls they make a great display for the entrance way and we where at one time only doing the one size Santa doll but many customers don't have that dream large ground entrance and would love to display a Santa doll, so we have now decided to carry the three sizes 32" Santa and 25" Santa with smaller ones at 18" this gives our new and loyal customers the option, and they can now have the option to dress there entrance with a Santa doll. 

Every day for us is an exciting challenge and Christmas Decorations Online web site will hopeful have something you like this Christmas season. We try our best to carry as much as we can for the season but unfortunately we cant carry the whole themes, but we can sometimes order an item we may not have on our website, but don't tell Santas Elf's.  

Next Time in our Blog we will be talking about Christmas online Decorations baubles and the right ones for the tree. 

Its gong to a jolly June onwards

Love Our Family at Christmas Decorations Shop x