New 2024 Goodwill List

We have been working super hard to get the 2024 collection in full swing with our new Goodwill 2024 collection. Having been super busy visiting the Goodwill showroom, it's always a fun day, as soon as we headed to the front doors of goodwill, we are always greeted by a member of staff with the words. Welcome to Goodwill showroom.

As soon as a side door opened to the showroom, I was in heaven and blown away by the new collection. First of all, I was greeted by goodwill collection, North Pole This was a huge display with beautiful reindeers and Santa in his sledge What a way to be greeted. 

I knew that it was going to be a fun long day looking at every detail and every item of Goodwill creations. 

Walking around my eyes where drawn to the collection Delft Delight a beautiful display of whites and blues from Gingerbread houses to Christmas tree decorations holding my note pad making notes of items to be added to our new collection at Christmas Decorations Shop. It's always a fun challenge picking the collection, working aside with our Goodwill rep is always a big help as they are apart of our family too. 


How stunning is this collection Blue gingerbread tree with adorable cupcakes and large scrumptious cakes with elegant blue tree ornaments was just the icing on the cake. We are so delighted to launch this new collection. 

This collection you can see the beautiful styles of ornaments that remind me of a blue Christmas, imagine a tree dressed in blue and white this Christmas season. 

We are so delighted to launch this new collection. 

It was time for us to have a little rest and take in the beautiful and ambiance with a fresh tea and croissant. Making notes is a must as there is so much to take in at the showroom it's always good for me to reflect and look back. after our rest stop it was time to carry on looking at the collection, But lets leave that collection for the next blog I hope you enjoy the  Delft Delight collection. 

Customers are asking to see the Golden Nutcracker so let's stay tuned and I will tell you all bout this collection.  

Showroom Wishes From our family to yours