Katherine's Collection Christmas 2017

Its been a busy first week in February with the start of the Christmas World Show in Frankfurt, Its the time on month when it feels like Christmas all over again, Christmas World is full of beautiful Christmas decorations for us to pick and purchase for our new and loyal customers from all over the world, its exciting for us as we get to see the new collection for 2017 

You always know when you come to a special stand called Katherine's Collection no matter how far away you are from the stand, the reason i say this is because the way there stands are created with there dolls and themes it truly stands out from anyone else. So here i was walking up to Katherine's Collection stand with my eyes almost wondering on every ornament and every doll, the first this i came across was the new theme for 2017 Called Tartan Tradition, standing in front of me was Mrs and Mr Clause looking and touching the finest materials i was just amazed by the attention to detail that Katherine's Collection and there team put in to making such amazing dolls, before i walked away knowing Mrs and Mr Clause will be on my list i whispered to Santa I'm counting down the days and months and gave him a little wink. 

Tartan Tradition is a wonderful collection of reds and green tartan fabrics and deep coloured decorations all hand painted to amazing detail, walking along i came across Royal White Christmas i was happy to see this collection return this year as last year it was one of our best selling fairy tale theme displays, especially Royal White Santa Doll and the beautiful enchanting Ballerina doll full of cream and sparkling Crystal detail. This year there are many new themes from Katherine's Collection 2017 including Bohemian fun display of dolls like Mrs Bohemian And there wonderful Ostrich display figurine, and also other themes include Celebration, In To The Woods.

Our new collection is now showing and ready for our customers to plan ahead and pre order. I hope you enjoy my blog on the new 2017 collection, more news to follow soon.