Turquoise Handbag Table Hook

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Ladies Turquoise Handbag Table Hook


Now days is a problem when you walk in to a restaurant or bar or even a café and there is no where to put your bag, and if you do put your bag on the dirty floor there is always a risk that thieves could take it, not you have the handbag hook, beautiful large Turquoise crystal with adorable small crystals, easy to use just place this on the table and this will hold a bag up to 5 – 6Kg in weight.


Plus side also this has a unique mirror what opens from the top, our handbag hooks are a great gift this season. Each with there own dust bag and gift box.


  • Will Hold Up To Approx. 5 - 6 Kg In Weight
  • Handbag Hook
  • Large Stunning Turquoise Diamond Stone
  • Comes in a pouch to keep in your handbag
  • Worldwide Shipment
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